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Investment Plans

POLAT S.A. has several investments underway totaling more than 2.6 million Euros, related to:

● Realization of our new production/warehousing/quality control facility with a total        area of 2.000m² in privately owned land plot of 13,200m² in Lakkoma, Chalkidiki,         very close to Thessaloniki. The project is close to completion

● Realization of our new administration offices and showroom in Nea Efkarpia,               Thessaloniki with a total area of 1,600m² in four levels. The project is practically            completed and we have already moved in

● Purchase and installation of new production machinery and laboratory equipment      that will be employed in the production and quality control procedures for further         ensuring and standardizing the superior quality of our products through extensive        and intensive testing

● Deployment of new software products and applications in our IT department in            order to better organize and further develop the total function of the company and         the integrated monitoring of our sales

By those specific investment actions the company aims at broadening and developing its core business, reinforcing its functionality and production effectiveness and capacity, modernizing and upgrading its technological infrastructure and ultimately further improving the quality of its products by constantly applying a high-tech, total-quality approach, from R&D to the end product.