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MARCH 2009

  • Participation in Bulgaria Building Week 2009 in Sofia, Bulgaria

    POLAT S.A. has taken part in March in Bulgaria Building Week Show in Sofia, where we had the chance to refresh our numerous existing co-operations in the country and build new ones. Bulgaria has been one of the most dynamic markets for POLAT S.A over the years, so we had an obligation to be present for yet one more time.

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FEBRUARY 3-6 2009

  • Participation in World of Concrete Show
    in Las Vegas, USA

    POLAT S.A., proving once again that there are no boundaries in its international presence, took part this February in the biggest concrete show in the world in Las Vegas, USA (World of Concrete), being again the single Greek company participating and one of the very few European companies making the trip as exhibitors or even visitors. The show is dedicated to products and by-products of concrete and cement, tools and machinery for concrete batches and concrete-related works.

    The response was beyond our expectations, and the fruits of the new contacts have been coming our way thick and fast, allowing us to establish a solid clientele across the Atlantic to build upon and confirming once again that trade shows and fairs anywhere in the world are one of the most direct ways for an export-oriented company to create new prospect.

    In WOC, POLAT S.A. had the chance to showcase our new, revolutionary concrete treatment system (POLYBETON). The system cleverly exploits the properties and inner structure of normal, regular concrete by treating its surface in order for the aggregates contained to be revealed before the final treatment for waterproofing and stabilization with sealing resins.

    At the same time, the company presented it new pebble flooring system GRAINFLOOR in a great variety of colors and designs, which has already been applied in hundreds of thousands of square meters in Greece, and is being exported in more than 10 countries already.


  • Inauguration of our new production/warehousing facility

    In the context of putting our full force behind our efforts, we have recently erected yet one more production and warehousing facility adjacent to our existing factory in order to accommodate the ever-expanding need of our customers for our products and our ever-increasing needs for space. The new 3,500 m² facility came to integrate our capacity so that our customers will continue to experience our immaculate service in the greatest possible degree.  

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    POLAT S.A. is always trying to stay with the pace of international developments and the contemporary technical challenges by constantly launching new products and solutions designed to complement and integrate our already highly diversified and specialized product range and destined to make our customers as competitive as possible.

    In this context, we just launched our polyurethane indoor sports flooring system (POLYSPORT), a number of new unique decorative solutions and a host of new products in various fields completing our range and giving our customers the chance to provide competitive solutions to the most demanding requirements. You can find our new products in our new brochure (ask for it if you don’t have it already) and be sure more is coming your way constantly, so don’t hesitate to send us your inquiries for whatever you might need because most probably POLAT will have an answer for you.



  • Launching of our new indoor polyurethane sports flooring system (POLYSPORT)

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  • Launching of our new revolutionary concrete treatment system (POLYBETON)

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  • Launching of our new decorative flooring solutions-See more
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