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*** For all the epoxy applications, dead times between layers can of course be utilized for other works, besides dead times can be minimized if different phases of the application take place in different parts of the project. Moreover, for bigger surfaces more square meters are possible per day in average because you will be able to work on bigger open surface with the same materials.


Application temperature:
10 to 35º C (when the temperature is high-more than 27ºC or so-it is important to avoid application during the noon hours, when the high temperature is rising, in order to eliminate the possibility of blister creation on the floor)

Working temperature of applied material:
-15 to 50º C

Tools of application:
paint roller for 0.3-0.5 mm thickness-consumption (20-25º C): 0.2-0.3 kg/ m² on power-troweled industrial floors, in two layers at least (usually three or more)-120 gr/ m²/first layer, 80 gr/ m²/second layer, 50 gr/ m²/each additional layer.

Time between 815 layers: 5-8 hours

For 1000m², 4 people will be needed for 3 days:

1st working day (8 hours): Grinding, cleaning, provisional sweeping, limited repairing with the two-component epoxy putty for horizontal surfaces EPOFIX-H 207 or the two-component epoxy putty, squeegee-applied EPOFIX S 214
2nd day: Final sweeping and first layer of the two-component dustproof epoxy impregnation resin POLEPOX-DP 815
3rd day: Second layer of POLEPOX-DP 815
4th day: Third layer of POLEPOX-DP 815

*Again, extensive repairing will affect times accordingly
*In all cases, the substrate is considered to be a decent power-troweled one.

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