Keeping our long tradition of being present where it matters, POLAT participatied for the first time in the BIG 5 Show in Dubai, UAE.  Having a long business past and tradition in the GCC and Middle East region in general for decades, our participation could only be successful, and suceessful it was, even beyond our expectations.  The region is in one of its most dynamic business upturns, in part because not much else is going up these days.  We had the chance to meet our customers and acquaintances, establish many new contacts and business prospects, and confirm our bright future in the region 

We had the opportunity to showcase all our sports and industrial flooring solutions as well our decorative and waterproofing materials, and it seems as if many companies were just expecting POLAT to make the leap forward.  This makes us focus in the region even more, being present as much as possible





Keeping our long tradition of being present where it matters, POLAT participatied for the first time in the PROJECT IRAQ Show in Erbil, Iraq.  It was a very enlightening experience for POLAT, since we managed to get to grips with the market facts&figure of the region, establishing new contacts and having the chance to meet again collaborators from the GCC region.  Altogether, it was an adventure well worthwhile, since the Iraqi market is about to boom again, and we found with joy that POLAT has a place in it.  We will definitely come back to the Show, since things are only starting to shape there





APRIL 2012


Keeping our long tradition of being present where it matters, POLAT participatied for the first time in the PROJECT QATAR Show.  As expected, it was a highly successflul experience for POLAT, both concerning existing customers/contacts in the Gulf region (but not only) and, more important, new business contacts we established during our presence there.  We had the opportunity to showcase all our sports and industrial flooring solutions as well our decorative and waterproofing materials, and the interest was lively and challenging once again.  POLAT has no other option but to continue being present in major events held at places where business is still booming, and we pledge to keep this tradition running as much as possible

 Project Qatar 2012



Keeping our long tradition of participating in events that matter, POLAT participatied for the third time running in the FSB Sports Show.  Once again, we had the chance to ascertain and confirm the trust of our existing customers, the positiveness of our contacts worldwide and the enthusiastic approach of the brand new contacts we initiated.  This is because even in this bad moment in world economy and the even worse Greek situation, POLAT is still unique and still constitutes a highly competitive solution for our expert fields of activity.  That is why our export orientation is more intense than ever and the rewards are coming thick and fast

  • PARTICIPATION IN FSB 2009 in Cologne, Germany

POLAT S.A., continuing the long tradition of participating in the major international fairs and showing the way once again, was among the very few Greek companies that participated this October in the international show FSB in Cologne, Germany. FSB is the biggest, most prestigious and most important exhibition in the world regarding sports flooring and equipment, encompassing construction and flooring solutions for all sports grounds.

Our company, being a qualified manufacturer of a wide range of sports flooring systems servicing tens of customers in four continents (from Cuba to India and from Central and Western Africa to Lithuania), could not be absent from the show. All our integrated acrylic, polyurethane and prefabricated sports flooring products/systems of POLAT were comprehensively presented in our 55m² stand in FSB and everybody, active and potential customers alike, had the chance to check them out and discuss with us the great potential of our sports flooring worldwide.

FSB was a spectacular success for POLAT, beating expectations and consolidating the market confidence in all levels. POLAT proved these hard times worldwide are times of opportunity, not only caution, and all our meetings in FSB reflected that optimism.



  • Participation in BATIMAT 2009 in Paris, France

    POLAT S.A., being consistent with its resolve to be actively present in all the major international shows for building materials, participated this November in the BATIMAT show in Paris, France. 

    There, in a 26m² stand, POLAT presented its brand new polyurethane systems for industrial and sports flooring. Needless to mention that all the diversified portfolio of POLAT in industrial/sports/decorative flooring and building chemicals of POLAT were also on display, such as waterproofing materials, decorative acrylic and cement-based plasters and mortars, repairing materials, concrete additives etc.

    The target of our presence in BATIMAT, namely to enhance our position in France and Central/Western Europe and further penetrate and establish our presence in the North Africa belt, the Middle East and Eastern Asia, was fully met.  Everybody had the chance to ascertain once again that POLAT is there to stay, active and ready to respond to challenges, developing a unique instinct for international niches and opportunities.     


ARPIL 2009


In the past year, a whole host of new partnerships has materialized between POLAT S.A. and a number of companies in several countries, making us more international than ever and proving that even in those hard times we all live business opportunities are there for grabs.

At least 30 new customers in several countries have all started working with POLAT S.A. recently, showing a great collective dynamic and potential and proving once again that competitiveness, flexibility and support are all highly appreciated universal concepts bringing people together, abolishing borders and stubbornly fighting the general pessimism that has taken the world by storm.

With the present rate of export sales growth and the new products enriching our already rich range, the forecast for 2009 has gone up to a soaring 30% raise over the 2008 numbers, going from strength to strength and showing no sign of letting off. We firmly believe that in these circumstances the best defense is offense and we put this motto in action every day 

Moreover, lots of brand new countries and regions are featuring now in our export portfolio, giving us the confidence of a genuine international player, adaptable to diverse conditions and able to meet different market needs with considerable ease.










POLAT S.A. has been participating for decades now in all the important domestic Greek exhibitions as well as a number of selected international trade shows. The outcome is always worth the commitment, having the chance to meet with interested companies from around the globe and show them what POLAT S.A. is made of.

Besides, we have been attending most of the major building/flooring shows in Europe and the Middle East, supporting our participating partners there and initiating new business prospects.

The goal is ever-consistent: To establish POLAT S.A. in people’s minds as a company influential enough to create developments and set trends, not just follow them.


World Of Concrete, Las Vegas, 2009




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